What are some tips
for house-training
puppies and how
long does it usually

What is the difference
between a male and a female?
Do you think one is better
than the other?
Dear Terri,
Are there any health problems
that run in the breed?

My mom and dad feed me only
puppy food and never people
food? My buddy at puppy
school gets big boy food
AND people food. Can you
comment on this?

My buddy who does agility said
he cost $3000. I only costed
$800. Does that make him
better than me?
I keep hearing people
whispering about me saying
that I'm only pet quality, not
show. Am I lower than dirt?
It is kinda hard for my dad to
play with me since I cost him
an arm and a leg? Why do you
take both an arm and a leg?
Inquiring Cotons send their questions into the great and powerful!
A friend of mine is getting
a new Coton puppy, what
supplies would you