Pet Quality, what do you mean pet quality??? What better quality do you want ugly, dumb and maybe
even more if you have bad breath!
And therein lies the truth. A pet Coton has the same qualities that attracted you to the breed in the first
place. Most people couldn’t tell the difference between a pet and show quality Coton if their lives
depended upon it! The fact is, oftentimes you may be getting a show quality Coton with a spay/neuter
contract for a pet price. Rumor has it that roughly 30% if Cotons from a litter may be of show/
breedable quality. Not all of those dogs get sold as show and therefore go as pets.
So, what exactly makes a show quality dog you might ask? There are structural aspects we look at
such as the angle of a joint, the set of a tail, the length of the loin, the proportion of muzzle to total
head, the position and length of the ears, the shape of the skull, the ratio of length to height, the
pigment of the eye, nose and paw pads, the number and alignment of the teeth, the feel, color and
texture of the coat, the way the dog walks…are you bored yet? Nowhere is there included a three
legged dog, a dog with kidney disease, a blind and deaf dog in the category of pet quality dog. This is
not to say that there aren’t puppies born with health problems; I did actually have a 3-legged dog
whom by the way, made an excellent companion. Needless to say though, the extent of his disability
was fully disclosed. A puppy with a pre-existing health problem may be a very good pet but these aren’
t what we are referring to when we say pet quality.

Bottom line is this, if you are purchasing a pet quality dog, you are getting a dog that displays the
characteristics of a Coton but may not be the best choice to contribute to the improvement  and  
continuing quality of the breed. A less than perfect bite will not impact your puppy but continuing to
breed a dog with a poor bite perhaps to another dog with a poor bite may result in a Coton with a less
than functional bite.