Why we breed
Raising dogs is like raising children except you get to
spoil them! I raised my children with the vision of the
long-term outcome. And so it is with my dogs. I take
great pleasure in providing an environment that allows
living, sentient beings to achieve their full potential
and in turn go out into the world and enrich the of the
people who know them.  

How we breed
I breed only dogs that meet the FCI Standard and grade
the puppies accordingly and will err on the side of
selling a show dog as pet rather than visa-versa. My
dogs have all been evaluated by my veterinarian for
soundness. I will be pursuing further testing as they
come of the appropriate ages for testing and/or as any
health problems emerge in the breed. I will only breed
my bitches if they are in excellent health and will
support them physiologically and emotionally through
their gestation and post-natal period.

Raising Puppies
This is what is all about! Relative to a dog's lifetime, no
other time period will have as much impact on puppy
development as the first several months. Critical
interventions must happen in order for a puppy to be a
good companion, not to mention reach their full
potential. Actual brain development is dependent on
appropriate stimulation at certain times in their
development outside the womb. Human bonding is
dependent on positive association with humans.
Confidence and emotional stability are developed
during these months. This, of course, is not to say that
each puppy isn't born with it's own inherent disposition
and genetic blueprint, it is just a matter of recognizing
each puppy's strengths and weaknesses and working
with them. I work with each puppy everyday at
whatever level they are at. Our puppies and dogs are
my priority. I have always had a special affinity for
animals, and that, coupled with experience and
copious reading doesn't make me an expert, but
certainly guides my hand in what and why I do what I
do. I raise dogs and puppies with intention.