Jack was born in Denmark on
12/26/2006. I had my eye on
him long before he was a
twinkle is either his mom or his
dad's eye. I like his parents
and their parents so I was
patient (unlike waiting for my
first dogs). Jack is a verrrry
mellow fella! He doesn't ask
for much other than a belly rub
and a low back massage from
dad once in awhile. The girls
pretty much have him
bamboozled (but isn't that the
way it should be?
Well now what! I have to have another male!
Gizmo is my newest addition; born in Delta
Colorado on 11/15/2010. He will live his life
as a beloved pet with friends of mine. He will
occasionally be asked to perform"certain
services" that I'm quite certain he will not find
objectionable. His dam is actually a puppy
from one of my previous breedings that was
then outcrossed to a dog from a breeder in
Canada. Such a horrid tale! Assuming he
passes all his health tests, he will eventually
be bred with Francis and Maize and perhaps
Betsy.  From what I am hearing from his
family, he is full of piss and vinegar!
Billie (a girl) is the daughter of Louie
who is the son of Scotty too Hotty
who won the World Show awhile
back. Louie was a beautifully sweet
dog who charmed everyone he met.
Initially a little shy he became the
center of attention wherever he went.
For a year or so he lived with a
University Professor who took him to
her classroom, consequentally,  her
classes became known as the ones
with the little white dog. He currently
lives with a wonderful woman who is
able to take him to her Interior
Design Shop with her everyday. But,
enough about him! Billie is sweet
enough in her own right. Her languid
brown eyes can be found frequently
staring straight into my own. She
lives to love and she does it well. I
don't think I could sleep through an
entire night without her crawling
under the covers with me and
nestling up to my chest with her head
on my arm.
And then came Lola, my little itty bitty
Lola who readily smiles for anyone
who will look her way. She is the
daughter of Gracie and   Louie.
(Gracie is also the mother of Billie).
Gracie is a kind and gentle girl who
is now retired. She was born to be a
mommy. Before she was old enough
to have puppies of her own she was
sharing the whelping box with Billie
and any other dog that would allow
her in.
Francis is the daughter of Jack and
Billie. Well, I had to keep her, she
was stumbling toward me wagging
her tail while she was still in the
whelping box at three weeks of age!
She has continued to be a delight, so
much so that we are in training to be
therapy partners through the Delta
Society. She has continued to have a
friendly, outgoing and unobtrusive
personality to people in all walks of
And just when I'd been saying I wasn't
going to get anymore dogs, along
came Maize! She is Jack's daughter
from a breeding with a bitch that was
sired by Louie and a bitch out of
Sandee's Cotons. I had no intention of
keeping her, I was just taking care of
her until she found her forever home.
She stole my heart with her joyful
abandon, intelligence and willingness
to learn and do everything she could
to please me. She is currently
completing her advanced obedience
class. I hope to do Obedience
competitions with her sometime soon.
After deciding to keep Maize, all my
resolutions about quitting breeding went by
the wayside so why not get Betsy from
Bluebell Cotons who was breed with
Colorado Coton's Jake (now residing in CA).
She is so full of herself and so utterly
endearing I'm afraid I am not teaching her
good manners. I am going to keep trying
though. However, it is hard to resist a
DARLING Coton pawing at your lap and
looking longingly into your eyes so you will
pick her up!
All of my dogs are health tested when they reach one year of age. Their patellas, hearts and eyes
are examined and registered with OFA. Blood panels are done to screen for kidney, liver or
hematological problems much like a physician would at an annual physical.  At two years of age
their hips are checked for dysplasia and the results sent to OFA.  Genetic testing is done as tests
become available.
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