We got our precious Grace from Terri in March of
2008.  Grace is, quite simply, the best dog ever!  
When we first began researching dogs, we came
across this breed and felt like Coton de Tulears
sounded too good to be true.  Well, here’s the
truth—Cotons really are that perfect!  Grace is the
sweetest and best companion for our family.  
There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t
make us smile and laugh.  Now that we have
Grace, we can’t imagine life without her.  She is an
amazing blessing.

For our family, Grace truly was an answer to
prayer.  One of our sons suffers from extreme
allergy issues.  We did not think we could ever
have a pet; however, Cotons were said to have
remarkably low dander, so we took our son to
Terri’s house to see if he would have a reaction to
the Cotons, and he had no problems at all.  Our
son’s doctor was baffled, and we were asked to
bring a sample of Grace’s hair to National Jewish
in Denver for testing.  Grace’s hair had the lowest
dander level that National Jewish had ever tested
in a dog (and they do a lot of testing!).  The doctor,
like most people, had never heard of a Coton de
Tulear, but he said Cotons must be pretty special
dogs.  Absolutely!
Ollie is the joy of our lives.  
He is smart, sensitive,
funny, and so loving.  He's
my best friend (next to my
Isabella aka "Princess Bella" was born Jun 2006. Her parents
are Louie and Gracie. Bella is my very best friend and I have
never regretted for one moment having her in my life. She is
very smart and was quite easily trained. She can do many
tricks, including jumping up to give me a kiss on the lips,
dancing on her hind legs in circles, and her newest is to "bow
to mommy" for a treat which involves going up on her hind
legs and then going into a down. She has quite the
personality. In our Denver neighborhood there are mostly big
dogs. We have a dog park a block away. Bella always has to
"announce" to all the big dogs that she has arrived by barking
very loudly. If she goes off leash she will often run up to them
as if to take charge, only to run back and hide behind me
when they look her way. Her best friend is Yuki, a white
Maltese/Poodle mix who lives next door. Yuki's mom and I text
each other to meet for morning walks during which Yuki and
Bella take over the park chasing each other in circles until they
are exhausted. I can't imagine life without Bella!
This is a new page i'm starting. If you are a current
owner and don't see your picture here and would like to
be included, please send me an email!
Our dear little Belle is about to reach her 'year
and one half birthday' and with each passing
day we love her more. She continues to be a
source of joy in our lives and her unique
personality continues to evolve. She recently
took a Christmas vacation with us to Arizona
and for the two days of sitting in her car seat
(two days both going and coming home), she
did not make a sound and was just happy to
be with us. She loves to lay her head on our
shoulder while we are watching TV from the
couch or will lay her head on our chest if we
are watching TV in bed. She sleeps on the
pillow between our heads and is the only one
who doesn't snore during the night! Belle
loves her walks and loves to play with the
other puppies in the neighborhood. Her
profuse enthusiasm is infectious and I wish
we could bottle her energy including her
waggly tail, as we could quickly retire. Thank
you for sharing one of your darling puppies
with us.
Daisy has
been an absolute joy to have. She is a very good
girl and adapted to
our family quickly. She loves to always be by our
side (and we love it
too!). She is super mellow (think she gets this
from her Daddy, Jack).
She is really quiet. We have to be very careful
where we step. She is
the cutest little puppy in the world. Everyone who
meets her thinks the
same! She loves playing with my boys and is
really gentle. We love our little girl!
Abby. She is a real sweetheart.
She just wants to be with us and
we love her very much. We also
call her "Sniff" occasionally.
Barb and Bill
Baron von Xander (Baer)
continues to amuse us
daily.  He is such a joy to
have in our lives.  I needed
him and didn't even know it
but the kids and Joe did
When Zoe joined our family - my husband, a
and myself - in February of 2011, we had no
how our lives would change.  Sure we knew
about the potty training, the midnight walks,
the need to have a "babysitter" for any time
away; but we didn't know how happy one little
dog would make us.  She's a 10 lbs bundle of
happy.  She loves the outdoors, gets so
excited when the cat will play with her, and is
fascinated by the big dogs she sees in our
walks in the park.  Sure her daily hair styling
requires some time each morning but
watching her run with it flowing behind her
make it all worth it.  Zoe whizzed through level
one training and quickly learned that the best
way to get treats was to pay attend to the other
puppy parents.  It's been a great year and
we're looking forward to many, many more.
Lisa Brownson
Our La Paz, (Lappy)   watching
TV. She enjoys watching other
dogs on TV and usually barks
to remind us to watch too.
We all love Zoe so much!!!!
Louie aka Prince Louie was born on August
25, 2011. We were fortunate enough to bring
home our little Louie on November 5, 2011.
Louie has been an absolute joy to have, and
it has been so fun watching him grow and
figuring out the world. Louie is currently
working on his agility training, dog training
and socialization at the local dog park. He is
an amazing little athlete and cannot get
enough of the snow. Louie loves to snuggle
and loves giving kisses. He is quit the
charmer. We are so thrilled to have Louie in
our lives, we honestly could not imagine life
without him. We have two other dogs that
Louie adores, he likes to groom our old
chocolate lab, I think Louie thinks it's his way
of making him feel better sort of a therapy
session. Our five year old shitzu beagle mix
loves to run around the backyard with Louie,
they take turns chasing each other, it's pretty
comical at times.  Louie surprises us with
something new everyday, he is a very gentle
and kind soul. Thank you Terri for giving us a
very precious and special little guy. Shawna

We just celebrated Belle's 1st Birthday
yesterday! She continues to thrive, and is
the love of our life. She is joyful, funny,
sweet, and an overall TREASURE.
She had her first vacation, with us, to Cody, WY 2 weeks ago. We went
there for a big family reunion and Ron's Dad's 90th Birthday Party. Belle
was overjoyed!
Ron's Dad's home is on 5 wooded acres with deer roaming, bunnies and
squirrels to watch and chase, and many adoring fans to pet her, play with
her, and throw toys. She had a ball and was the best traveler ever. 9
hours in the car just kills me, but Belle was so happy. She sat in her car
seat watching the scenery and took several naps. We had a picnic along
the way (going and coming home) and she was enthralled with the little
stream in the area.
We are so thankful to have her and she just loves life. The only problem
is.....she just likes Ron BEST! I get kisses every day, but her main focus is
Ron. I continue to threaten to get a kitten (or a new puppy) for me.
dave dipenbock Lili
Teri, You have  for given me the best dog I've
ever jad or ever hope to have! YOur devotion
to breeding is evident in Harry's eyes
everyday. He has changed my life! I
appreciate all that you have always been
there to answer my questions.
Thank you from the
bottom of our hearts
for this precious love
of a dog.  E*K
Kama, Eames and
Steve and I are both in love with this
dog.  She is a joy to be with and watch
her grow and learn.  I can't wait till I'm
able to take her to public parks and
walks.  Thank you for our wonderful
pup! Mary & Steve