To groom a Coton you want them to be
lying on their side for most of the process.
To bring them to a side-lying position
comfortably, hold them to your chest with
your arms around them as shown. Then
bend at your waist and bring them down to
a side-lying position facing you either on a
table or your lap.
With your dog lying on her side, beginning
at the side of the dog closest to the table
(or your lap) separate a layer of hair
starting at the head and going all the way
to her tail. You should have one thin layer
of hair. With a brush, starting at the base
of the hair shaft, brush away from you to
the end of the hair.
Continue to do this all the way down the
line of the back. Repeat with the comb.
It is very important to start at the root of
the hair. When this layer is finished, pull
down the next layer and then the next, until
you reach her legs. Then place her on her
other side and repeat. Should you
encounter a mat, use the end teeth of the
comb to gently "pull" the mat apart starting
on the end of the hairs and working toward
the base of the hair. It helps to hold
traction on the skin/hair base while you
To groom their legs and belly, you will want
them on their back. Again, brush from the
root of the hair outward - always brushing
in the opposite direction of fall of the hair.
The exception is the feet (it's pretty difficult
to brush the hair back from the toes). Make
sure you brush them well under their arms,
legs and chin as this is a high mat area.
Another high mat area is behind their ears.
...And when all else fails, there's
the puppy cut. Just please, I beg
you, don't make him look like a
poodle or Bischon. I have nothing
against poodles or Bishons, but
let's face it, cotons don't make
good looking poodles or Bishons!
"pulling a mat"
Part hair in
outward against the fall of the

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