"There are two kinds of dog people in this world:  small dog people, and dog people who haven't yet met and fallen in love with
the right small dog." Pat Miller WDJ volume 6, number 3.
I have seen this quotation borne out first hand on more than several occasions. Particularly when it comes to the male gender of
our species. Approximately 90% of the time my initial contact is with the "Woman of the Household". The men are usually willing to
indulge their female counterpart  but  are not particularly willing participants. Invariably, I hear back weeks or months later about
how in love the guy is with this little bitty Coton dog! For example, one reluctant male party received a king size pillow on Father's
day so there would be more room on his pillow for both he and the dog to fit! Another gentleman has been observed staying up
until after his kids go to bed so he can have the Coton  all to himself!  The stories go on and on. I'm to the point where I could
almost guarantee that any man who is around  Cotons for any length of time will fall in love with them. So, what is it about these
little white poof balls anyway?
Usually, a few convincing arguments in favor of spending your child's college education fund on the purchase of a Coton are that
they don't shed, are hypoallergenic, are easy on your property, are generally well received in public and play well with others
(human and otherwise.
Additionally, they are quite jovial little creatures who are quite amusing to observe and cost less than a big screen television. For
those of you who enjoy a more interactive pastime, they are quite happy to teach you many of their games. Though not bred for
any useful function other than companionship (oh, but what could be more important you say!), they are delightfully and
surprisingly intelligent.
The Coton is a true Renaissance Dog. Happy to lie on or beside you as you answer all your emails or check your latest bid on
EBay, they are hearty and willing hikers! Though you or your furniture will not be made to "pay" for choosing to not walk them on
that cold and snowy night, they do absolutely adore their  outings!  
So you say, this is the most perfect dog in the world, I think a will get a few of them - my children probably won't go to college
anyway and who knows what may happen between  now and then anyway. Well, as perfect as they may be, they aren't for
everyone. No you say, how can that be?
Here's the dirty little secret I have discovered during my tenure with Cotons. They BARK! Some definitely more than others and if
you do have just one (I can't understand how, but never mind), you should be able to get a good handle on it. Almost all of them
will bark when someone knocks at the door but will usually stop when the person enters. Most will bark when someone or
something unexpectedly appears or approaches while on a walk. Some are hyper vigilant and will bark at unexpected or foreign
sounds. I have 5 intact dogs, live on a walking path and have wood floors (translate, no acoustic absorption of sound) and would
not feel at all put out if my dogs never barked a day in their life. Consequently, I am very sensitive about the barking issue. Their
barks range in pitch from truly obnoxious high pitch to "my what a big dog you sound like".  So, there you have it, the ugly truth
about Cotons.  But wait, there's one more...  but not quite as ugly. " The Coton's coat is easy to maintain" Yeah right, who's world
do you live in? Not to say that it can't be done, it just takes time and the willingness to train your coton to allow you to brush her
without feeling like you're wrestling a baby alligator. Once they "allow" you to brush them, it can actually be a relaxing experience.
Like I say, some people knit, I brush Cotons.
Oh, and while we're being truthful....have you heard the one about how cotons get along with other dogs and animals?   Well,
some do but not all of them! I think it's a safe bet that they get along with other animals in your household but there are more than
just a few Cotons out there that bark their fool heads off when they meet another dog on the street. Believe me, my gang earned
the title, "The White Mafia"!
About this time you're probably thinking that; a) I have no business having any dogs at all much less perpetuating them, b) You
aren't even reading this because you closed the website awhile back and are thanking your lucky stars you changed your mind
about getting a Coton, or c) Okay, so they're not perfect, I can live with that. I'm sure I can do a better job with training than this
woman does!